The Advantage allows a horse to move as freely as not wearing a saddle at all....
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IF YOU SEEK AN EXCELLENT fit for your horse and an effortless ride for yourself, look no further.   Don't make your horse suffer an "almost" fit, get it right and let riding be a true joy!  We've fit all types of equines including arabians, gaited, mule crosses and drafts, improving their lives and way of going.

THE ADVANTAGE SADDLE is a custom work of art for those discerning riders who want only the best for their horse and themselves.  Each saddle is made for you exclusively, fit for your horse's back and you too.  Customers comment that it "fits like a glove" and that it "put them so in tune with their horse from the first moment".   "Effortless ride", "true harmony",  "incredible gaits I had never ridden before"...all are part of the experience with this saddle.
NOT A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL saddle, our trees are made to fit real horses. We have designed our own tree shapes from years of fitting saddles, and have never used a ready-made tree that is a standard generic idea of what should fit.  Our saddle trees are made to accomodate the horse's natural back movement and you get to ride as if you are one with your horse...finally!

WE BUILD OUR CUSTOM GROUNDSEAT in each saddle by hand, shaped to perfection. Every saddlemaker who builds a groundseat(many saddles do not have them) does it differently.  This is a part of the skillset that is a huge part of being a custom saddlemaker.  They all do not ride the same!  Our seat supports the rider's pelvis and creates balance and comfort.  Both horse and rider really notice the security and closeness they have in this saddle.

OUR CUSTOMERS love how our saddles ride and give feedback:
*Lynn, a backcountry rider in Idaho, states that her saddle has "saved her bacon" plenty of times, all she has to do in any situation is center herself in the seat, and then everything is okay! 
*One rider who has chronic low back pain told us that when she starts to hurt, she saddles up, rides for a bit and the pain stops!
*Dr. Mero, veterinarian and distance rider, commented that this is the ONLY saddle she's ridden that she finds balanced at every gait.
Jon, a gaited horse rider in Utah, says  "my horse is just blossoming,  with movements that you would normally just see in a horse without a saddle.  Your saddle is making it all possible!"
Another commented,  "This is how riding is supposed to feel!"
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OUR UNIQUE RIGGING self-adjusts to pull at a slight angle and never moves the saddle out of position.  It works with your horse to be in the perfect spot every time. Works great with our mohair cinch.

SHORT LENGTH:  Our trees have shorter bars without sacrificing weight bearing area.  Overall length of our saddles is about 21".

LIGHTWEIGHT:  Saddles are about 14 - 17 pounds, depending on the model. People are always amazed at how light our saddles are!

CUSTOM ARTWORK can be added to personalize your saddle in a unique way.  From edge stamping to realistic roses to something really unique, share your ideas with us and we'll make it happen.

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PLEASE call or write to find out more about our saddles. (European customers please contact Astrid Wering)
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Chocolate brown with antique oil, tooled single rose, edge stamping, caramel seat, black cantle roll, saddle strings, with bronze riggng ring and brass hardware.Classic 16" on shorter bars, brown, black accents, fenders.16" all leather covered Classic with sheepskin skirts, Lotus tooling on fork, rear seat jockey, fenders and seat jockey.  Natural/black.Chocolate Brown, caramel seat, black cantle roll, sheepskin skirts, saddle strings, brass hardware, edge stamping.
Chocolate brown classic with cantle roll, sheepskin skirts, edge stamping, saddle strings, brass hardware.English Classic in Bay Brown and foam skirts.  Seat is Cashel foam.  Carving on rear seat jockey.
The New EUROPA model

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This horse(left) demonstrates just how significantly the back can change from a standing position to moving.  This picture was taken of her standing with her head in a normal, relaxed position.
When she walks, note the significant change that occurs.  This change doesn't require rider's "collection", only natural movement.  Many aspects of the back change, not just the rock!
This You Tube video is worth watching if you enjoy trail riding in any capacity.  Closures are happening now!