Fit. Balance. Comfort.

If you seek an excellent fit for your horse and an effortless ride for yourself, this is the saddle you are looking for. Nowhere else will you find a saddle quite like this - shaped to really fit your horse in motion. Our saddles are truly customized for you and your horse - far beyond colors and tooling - designed to fit you and your horse like a glove. We've created saddles for arabians, gaited horses, mule crosses and drafts, and improved their lives and way of going. This saddle rides like you only dreamed possible.

OUR CUSTOMERS NOTICE the difference and love how our saddles ride. Comments include:

One rider who has chronic low back pain told us that when she starts to hurt, she saddles up, rides for a bit and the pain stops!

Dr. Jay Mero, endurance veterinarian and distance rider, commented that of all the saddles she's ridden that this is the ONLY one that she finds balanced at every gait.

Jon, a gaited horse rider in Utah, said:  "My horse is just blossoming, with movements that you would normally just see in a horse without a saddle. Your saddle is making it all possible!"

Ditte, another gaited horse rider, said  "For the first time I was able to relax and enjoy letting him go.  I have never felt so comfortable and secure at any speed. I felt like I was on a fulcrum with movement all around me, but centered and light. He gaited really well, what a great ride!"

Another commented, "This is how riding is supposed to feel!"

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